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Ag in Motion Pairs Seed and Crop Protection with Hundreds of Acres of Crop Plots

There’s no better way to experience the latest innovations in Western Canadian seed and crop protection than seeing it span over hundreds of acres. The 640-acre Ag in Motion property has over 300 acres of crops, with 15 acres of plots within the show grounds. Over 30 companies have planted and maintained their crops so farmers can see varieties at Ag in Motion. New this year, several small-scale crop plots were planted by a Seedmaster plot drill, provided to Ag in Motion through a new partnership.
The Ag in Motion property has recently grown by an additional 320 acres. This property will be used year round and operate as a functional research farm.

Farmers will see the latest technology in canola, cereals, corn, soybeans and also specialty crops like flax, oats
and quinoa, from a variety of companies.


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