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Air Seeder Technology on Display

Air Seeders are a vital piece of equipment on most Western Canadian farms due to their ability to handle large quantities of
seed and fertilizer, and their speed. With technology changing rapidly in the equipment industry, each manufacturer brings something different to the table. The side by side Air Seeder Demonstration at Ag in Motion gives farmers the opportunity to learn about the latest technology, and better understand which piece of equipment will work best on their farm. “For many farmers, this may be the first time they have seen a particular machine, let alone working in the field,” says Ag in Motion’s Demonstration Co-ordinator, Dan Kuchma. “At Ag in Motion farmers can make decisions based on how a machine reacts and performs next to another major competitor. It allows farmers to educate themselves and ask questions in ways they cannot at a dealership.” The Air Seeder Demonstration at Ag in Motion highlights the benefits of a variety of air seeders. Companies seed a test strip in the weeks before the show to demonstrate how the crop has emerged. During Ag in Motion, the same manufacturers run next to the emerged strip to show the features of their unit during seeding. The Air Seeder Demonstration takes place in the Demo Field at 2:30 p.m. daily.

Here’s a listing of the diverse air seeder options that attendees can expect to see in the field this year:
• SeedMaster
• Morris Industries
• Pillar
• Vaderstad
• Horsch
• Amity Tech
• Poettinger
• New Holland
• Clean Seed
• Salford
• Moodyʼs Equipment / Bourgault

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