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Breaking New Ground

In the first three years, the outdoor concept of Ag in Motion™ has resonated with both famers and agricultural companies. This comfortable and personal experience has been accepted by the industry causing the show to have grown at phenomenal rates each year. “There’s no doubt farmers in Western Canada want to see what an outdoor show has to offer,” says Rob O’Connor, Show Director. “We’re excited to continue to grow and listen to the agriculture industry’s needs and wants to make Ag in Motion a mustsee for western Canadian farmers.”

This immediate success has led to a new project for the Ag in Motion property. Glacier FarmMedia, Ag in Motion’s parent company, has recently purchased 320 additional acres adjacent to the existing grounds. This land will be operated as a functional research farm this year, which several companies have partnered to run.

Together, Morris Industries, Bayer,Nutrien Ag Solutions (formerly Crop Production Services), Versatile, AGI and Stoller are supplying all the equipment and products needed for the new parcel of land, which has been planted in spring wheat and will serve as a large-scale demo. Morris Industries and Versatile will be supplying the machinery, while AGI provides grain handling equipment. Spring wheat seed has been supplied by Nutrien, while Bayer will be providing an in-crop treatment and fungicide and Stoller will provide a supportive micronutrient. Slight modifications, like changing the seeding rate or the amount of fertilizer applied, were made to four different sections of the field so that farmers can see the final impact that tweaking a small component of the growing process can have on the yield. “We welcome the opportunity to be involved in larger scale seeding project with an integrated crop plan that will build partnerships with a variety of crop input experts to provide a real farm scenario for customers and potential customers,” says Darrel Schindel, Marketing Communications Manager, Morris Industries. This large-scale demo will truly demonstrate the farm system and how all factors interact. “We are thrilled to bring together these partners to create an entire farm system that can demonstrate the synergy required for a successful planting season,” says Rob O’Connor.

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