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Agriculture has undergone some dramatic changes over the past century. As the world population grows and changes, the demand for more food and higher quality food increases. As the environment and growing conditions change, sometimes annually, growing crops for those food ingredients continues to be a challenge. These demands and challenges continue to be met by the innovation that is brought forward by agriculture equipment manufacturers, crop input companies, seed companies and the livestock industry.

Ag in Motion celebrates these improvements in agriculture by promoting the technologically advanced products and services being exhibited during the show. The following is just a sample of the products and the companies that are participating in the Ag in Motion Innovations Program:


Product: MICHELIN EvoBIB tire
Company: Michelin North America
Farmers are using progressively larger machinery which has to perform both in the field and on the road. These assets are being used more intensively with the time spent on roads at high speeds as farmers endeavor to maximize efficiency and productivity. Michelin’s challenge is to equip these powerful technically-advanced machines with tires that will improve useful power transmission, agronomic efficiency and the performance of their operations, while protecting the soil and reducing fuel consumption — the new MICHELIN EvoBIB meets these challenges.

The MICHELIN EvoBIB is an evolutionary new tire. It is designed for high horsepower tractors and works with a central inflation system. The ‘2 in 1 tire’ adapts its profile and footprint according the farmer’s requirements. At ultra-low pressures the contact patch increases to reduce soil compaction, while enabling the power transmission to be increased, whereas at higher pressures the tire transforms so that only the central continuous band grips the road, giving a smoother vibration-free ride, fuel savings and improved safety.

The EvoBIB has the famous MICHELIN Ultraflex technology which offers the best load capacity in its class, low ground pressure
and very high levels of traction in the field.

Booth location: Foothill Drive & Second Street (Booth 266)


Product: FarmCommand Scouting
Company: Farmers Edge
Description: FarmCommand Scouting is an app-based tool for monitoring and addressing field conditions. With an easy-to-use map based interface, FarmCommand Scouting helps growers save time while scouting, manage crop requirements, identify issues and share observations with their whole team.

FarmCommand Scouting is the first mobile scouting app that’s integrated with the FarmCommand giving growers an integrated and seamless experience. FarmCommand Scouting includes new Field Variability Maps that detect early season issues better than standard health maps that use infrared technology.

Booth location: Prairie Drive &
Second Street (Booth 217)


Product: Corn Manager
Company: Farmers Edge
Description: Corn Manager helps growers manage crop inventory requirements, schedule field operations, optimize nitrogen applications, save time while scouting, and ensure top-up applications are applied at the right time. Corn Manager is a comprehensive corn management system that combines effective nitrogen management, high frequency satellite imagery through a network of 140 Dove Satellites with access to new Field Variability Maps that can detect issues in the field earlier than ever before and accurate crop staging into one easy-to-use tool.

Booth location: Prairie Drive & Second Street (Booth 217)


Product: The Next-Gen FarmCommand
Company: Farmers Edge
Description: Next-Gen FarmCommand is an all-in-one farm management tool that’s designed to transform the complexities of big data intelligence into in-field actions. Built on the foundation of field-centric data (including equipment, weather, satellite imagery, soil and more), FarmCommand is the only product that helps you achieve targets unique to your farm. It is faster, stronger
and smarter than the original version.

Booth location: Prairie Drive & Second Street (Booth 217)


Product: Libra TMR
Company: AgriMatics
Description: Libra TMR is a ration weighing and data management system. Its tablet based design delivers a smart and simple way to build and manage rations, pens and feed groups. It measures the exact weight of ingredients going into a feed mixer, tracks and measures what has been fed to each pen and allows users to export data out of the app through email. This smartphone and tablet based design eliminates the need for an indicator and allows users to create and manage rations easier and simpler. This system uses a wireless hardware device that communicates to the tablet using Bluetooth smart technology, no cables required!

Booth location: FCC AgPavilion (Booth AG69)


Product: Grain Bin Fall Protection System
Company: Northern Strands Co. Inc.
Description: The Grain Bin Fall Protection System is designed to protect a worker from a fall while accessing the bin for inspections or repairs or a farm worker from accessing a bin. It is fastened to the top of the grain bin.

Booth location: 6th Street (Booth 615)


Product: Safe-Fill
Company: PolyWest
Description: Water stand operators are beginning to enforce plumbing code requirements to prevent cross contamination. Safe-Fill quickly retrofits any poly water tank to meet these code requirements during filling. It prevents cross contamination (via a required air gap) between water fill stations and the users tank.

Booth location: The Farming Centre (Booth 27)


Product: Agroliquid’s Flavanol Polymer Technology
Company: Agroliquid
Description: The Agroliquid Flavanol Polymer Technology optimizes the grower’s fertilizer investment by providing a product that doesn’t tie up in the soils; 85-95% of what is applied gets into the plant. The Agroliquid line of macro, secondary and micro nutrients allows application flexibility with season long feeding and custom blend ability and the Flavanol Polymer Technology is central in all their products. This technology allows Agroliquid to chelate and encapsulate nutrients making them more available to the plant, optimizing uptake and performance. An added benefit of this technology is that nutrients are protected and resist the losses that can happen when applied in stressful environments.

Booth location:
The Farming Centre (Booth 22)


Product: Innovative Pressure Washer Attachment
Company: DirectSpray Nozzle
Description: DirectSpray is a pressure washer attachment designed to quickly reach those hard to reach places a normal pressure washer nozzle can’t. You can change the nozzle from straight to 45, to 90 degrees on the fly. No tools needed. The housing is made from durable plastic while the hose is made from synthetic rubber reinforced with high-tensile steel two-wire braid. The housing and hose is designed to withstand 4,000 psi and temperatures from -40 to +250 Fahrenheit.

Booth location:
The Farming Centre (Booth 3)


Product: Dot Autonomous Power Platform
Company: Dot Technology Corp.
Description: Autonomous tractors have been appearing in fields, mainly as prototypes for about five years, and the concept has been largely focused on the existing idea of a drawbar traction unit (tractor) pulling or pushing a variety of implements through a field. The Dot Power Platform replaces a traditional tractor with a set of hydraulically driven independent wheels in U-shaped configuration. Without a cab and without the added weight of a ballasted towing unit, implements are mounted into the Dot Power Platform. Tractors and implements have been growing in size with each new model release, largely due to poor supplies and high costs of labour. By eliminating the labour component the Dot Technology Platform allows farmers to use smaller, lighter machines, sized appropriately for the farm. At about 8,000 pounds the Dot Power Platform can carry and operate a 30 foot seeding unit with only 165 horsepower. A sprayer unit for the Dot Power Platform will be sized at 60 feet. Dot Technology Corp., a sister company of SeedMaster, will build and license other implement manufacturers to build tools for the Dot Power Platform.

This innovation aids in farm labour issues, lowers fuel use and creates a new concept around field implements.

The Dot Power Platform autonomous ‘tractor’ demo will be held each day at 2:45 pm.

Booth location: Booth 661, located between 5th and 6th Street.




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