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Ag in Motion™ is pleased to partner with the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA) to offer the Agriculture Technology Harvest Program. This program will help to bring agricultural advancements from all corners of the globe to Saskatchewan farmers.

Program applicants are international companies that are complementary to the agriculture industry, with technology that is applicable to farming in Saskatchewan. Through the program, selected companies receive support for attendance and travel to Ag in Motion.

“In addition to advancements in agriculture from right here in Saskatchewan, we have an opportunity to bring new technology from around the world to the farmers attending Ag in Motion,” says Show Director Rob O’Connor. “We’re seeing applications from different sectors and wide range of products. Winners will be determined in the coming weeks – and it’s going to be hard to pick!”

Applications have come from over 25 companies already, spanning 12 difference countries. Four winners will be selected. Stay tuned to social media and www.aginmotion.ca to learn more.

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