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Cutting Edge Canola Technology

Producers know the advantage that comes from assessing a crop that is standing in the field, so farmers attending Ag in Motion will want to visit the Cibus booth to see the demonstration plots of Falcoä canola.

Three Falco hybrids will be on view in the plots, says Michael Hutton, Manager of Field Agronomy with the Falco team. All are sulfonylurea(SU) herbicide tolerant and non-transgenic, meaning they were bred without using genetic material from a difference species. The first available Falco hybrid, called 68K, will be shown side-by-side with the new 79K hybrid as well as an experimental, yet-to-be-named variety.

“Our goal is to continue to demonstrate what Falco has to offer to producers,” says Hutton, including increased yield, early season vigor, consistent performance across environmental conditions and how SU tolerance serves as a weed-control alternative.

The Falco SU Canola™ hybrids were produced using traditional mutagenesis without introducing foreign genetic material. The result is SU canola that is fully approved for export and may also be sold as commodity grain. Additional gene editing technologies are part of Cibus’ Rapid Trait Development System (RTDS™) which directs precise changes to influence a desired trait exactly as it would appear in nature. RTDS is being used to deliver new traits that are currently in the Cibus pipeline to canola farmers.

“Falco canola is truly unique and provides new solutions for growers,” Hutton says.

Members of the Falco seed management team that is based in Winnipeg as well as representatives from the Cibus head office in San Diego, California will be on hand throughout Ag in Motion to explain the company’s cutting-edge plant breeding technology and to share plans to continue to bring innovation to Western Canadian farmers.

See Falco canola in the field and learn more about Cibus at Booth #651.

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