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Digital Farm Showcase

Imagine having infield information about all the important parameters effecting crop growth – from temperature, relative humidity, to rainfall, available anywhere, at any time. For 35 years Pessl Instruments has been providing farmers, decision makers and consultants with the best in class tools for informed decision-making.

A complete range of wireless, solar powered monitoring systems under the METOS® brand, and an online and mobile platform FieldClimate are applicable in all meteorological/climate zones and can be used in various industries and for various purposes – from agriculture to research, hydrology, meteorology, flood warning and more.

The concept behind the METOS decision support solution system is to enable users to have long-term accessibility and storage of all the data that iMETOS devices measure in the field – i.e. weather station, soil probe, crop camera, insect trap and object trackers. The devices transmit data in near real-time, allowing the farmer to access critical data, as well as take advantage of various decision support solutions. With these solutions, any farm can turn into a digital or smart farm.

Main decision support solutions include:

  • Weather monitoring with a site specific weather forecast for spray decisions.
  • Crop Specific Disease risk models enhance plant protection and increase the efficiency of crop health management and preserve yields.
  • Soil probes for moisture, temperature and VIC monitoring helps determine proper seeding time, collects data about water stress, enables water savings with smart irrigation management and targets fertilizers to maximize yield.
  • iSCOUT Insect traps helps farmers track population dynamics of insects in your fields using AI to count and recognize pests automatically from anywhere in real time.
  • Crop monitoring with an in-field camera solution supports plant growth analytics, such as plant status, growth stage, physiological and pathological changes etc.
  • Machinery, equipment and asset tracking enable real time work monitoring and better management of the fleet assets.

For Ag in Motion™, METOS has prepared a full digital farm showcase of their main products in the Field of Excellence. Farmers will be able to see the full iMETOS IMT Weather station, sensors for soil moisture, iMETOS iSCOUT for insect monitoring, iMETOS CropVIEW field camera and this year’s innovation, LoRa WAN based weather station, iMETOS LoRain – measuring rain, temperature, relative humidity combined with site specific disease and weather forecasting.

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