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Considerations for Post-Harvest

Join us online on October 20 for a digital event day discussing post-harvest topics starting at 10:55 am SK time!

At our October 20 digital event day, with harvest wrapping up for 2021 following a difficult drought year on the prairies, we’ll have a discussion on several topics around resilience strategies for the farm.

10:55 am − Welcome to Considerations for Post-Harvest
Laura Rance-Unger, Vice President of Content for Glacier FarmMedia, welcomes you to today's digital event, sets the stage for the day, and thanks our sponsors for being with us. 

11:00 am − Corteva Agriscience – Leading the Way in New Clubroot Resistant Sources
Join Chad Koscielny, North American Canola Breeding Lead, Corteva Agriscience, for this live presentation and discussion on Zoom to learn what Corteva’s new clubroot resistant sources mean for Western Canadian canola growers and the importance of a proactive management strategy. 

11:30 am − MarketsFarm Western Canadian Markets Discussion
Join MarketsFarm expert Bruce Burnett to hear about the latest happenings in the markets and what to watch for in the coming months. 

11:45 am − Potential Implications of Climate Change for Grain Storage Practices
Digvir Jayas, Vice-President (Research and International) and Distinguished Professor at the University of Manitoba, will outline how a changing climate can affect the risk of grain spoilage and ways growers can protect their inventory. 

12:30 pm − Protecting Your Farm’s Greatest Asset
Lauren Van Ewyk, Wellspring Counselling Services, will take viewers on a journey to learn about mental health and how to build resilience strategies for farmers and their families. 

Speakers presented by Ag in Motion

Digvir Jayas
Vice-President (Research and International) and Distinguished Professor at the University of Manitoba

Presentation: Potential Implications of Climate Change for Grain Storage Practices

Overview: Digvir Jayas is a globally-recognized expert in stored grain ecosystems. In this presentation, he will outline how a changing climate can affect the risk of grain spoilage due to insects, disease and moisture and measures growers can take to protect their inventory.

Profile: Distinguished Professor Dr. Digvir S. Jayas was educated at the G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology in Pantnagar, India; the University of Manitoba; and the University of Saskatchewan. Since 2011, he is serving as Vice-President (Research and International) at the University of Manitoba. Before assuming the position of Vice-President (Research and International), he was Vice-President (Research) for two years, and Associate Vice-President (Research) for eight years. Prior to this, he was Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Head of the Department of Biosystems Engineering, and Interim Director of the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals. For a year, he has served as Interim President of Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC) and 4.5 months he served as Interim Director (CEO) of TRIUMF-Canada’s particle accelerator centre. He is a Registered Professional Engineer and a Registered Professional Agrologist.

Dr. Jayas is a former Tier I (Senior) Canada Research Chair in Stored-Grain Ecosystems. He conducts research related to drying, handling and storing of grains and oilseeds and digital image processing for grading and processing operations in the Agri-Food industry. He has collaborated with researchers in several countries and has had significant impact on the development of efficient grain storage, handling and drying systems in Canada, China, India, Ukraine and the United States. He has authored or co-authored over 975 technical articles in scientific journals, conference proceedings and books dealing with issues of storing, drying, handling and quality monitoring of grains. Dr. Jayas has received many awards in recognition of his research and professional contributions. He also has served/serves on the boards or committees of many organizations.

Lauren Van Ewyk
Owner, Wellspring Counselling Services

Presentation: Protecting Your Farm's Greatest Asset

Overview: This year − more than ever − farmers need to be astute farm managers. Unfortunately, we often ignore our farm’s greatest asset: the farmer! Learn practical tools and tips for addressing anxiety and depression that will help you stay on track to accomplish your goals, despite the trying times ahead. Join Lauren Van Ewyk of Wellspring Counselling Services as we journey together to learn about our mental health, and how to build resilience strategies for you and your families.

Profile: Lauren Van Ewyk is an engaging speaker, registered social worker, foster mom and agricultural mental health advocate. She has appeared in numerous radio, television and print articles concerning the issues of adoption, foster care, and mental health in the agriculture sector. Owner of Wellspring Counselling Services, in Courtright, Ontario, Lauren works with individuals and families all across Canada to find hope and healing.

Digital Livestock Day

Watch sessions  from  our  August 26  digital event day!

On August 26, experts shared information online on the impacts caused by a very dry prairie crop and pasture season for beef and dairy producers in 2021.

Here are some of the strategies discussed to help producers:

•  Extending grazing through holistic planning

•  Important considerations when using alternate feeds this year

•  Comparing corn hybrids for forage quality

•  The latest on the state of agriculture and what may lie ahead

Research and Tire-Kicking

Watch sessions on our July 20 digital event day!

On July 20, experts share harvest insights and get the chance to kick some virtual tires. Here’s just a few of the things you can check out at our digital event:

•  Productivity vs. profitability: find your harvest sweet spot 

•  Electric drive vehicles & farm machinery design  

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Getting on with Growing

Rewatch informative sessions from our June 23 digital event day!

Listen to experts about emerging  issues and opportunities  in the field, ways to be more efficient with  inputs.

Learn about the different ways to get more out of your crop:

•  Nutrient Uptake and Removal Guidelines 

•  Variable Rate & Precision Ag 

And so much more!


Rewatch sessions from our March 24 digital event day!  Register for free.  

Learn more:

•  How small changes on your farm can lead to BIG returns 

•  Practical tips to put more dollars in farmers’ hands 

•  The future of autonomous machinery 

•  The latest innovations in ag equipment 

And more!

2021 Schedule

March 24, 2021

Planting  Kick Off  – Profiting Through Incremental Gains
What’s on your mind as you start the 2021 growing season? We’ll share ideas on maximizing profitability through small changes, planting equipment tips and news, plus what’s on the horizon as another season gets underway. 

June 23, 2021

Getting on with Growing – Vigilance  in Crop Care
Now that the season is underway, what pressures are you facing? We’ll talk to experts about emerging issues and opportunities in the field, ways to be more efficient with inputs and how to get the most out of your farm equipment this spraying season.  

July 20, 2021

Research  and  Tire-Kicking  – Demos and Clinics to Inform Your Decisions
 Although in-person restrictions make tire-kicking and plot tours tough this summer, we’ll bring you up-to-date information from the field to help with equipment decisions, crop research to help you plan and ways to prepare for harvest. 

August 26, 2021

Livestock Day 2021: Featuring Beef and Dairy
Beef and dairy producers in 2021 are facing very dry prairie conditions. We’ll share current production impacts and look at strategies to help producers with the challenging decisions ahead.

October 20, 2021

Considerations for Post-Harvest
With harvest wrapped up after a difficult drought year on the prairies, we’ll have a discussion on potential impacts on grain storage and tips on building resilience strategies for farmers and farm families.

December 1, 2021

Accelerating Ag Innovation on the Farm
Innovation drives the heart of our Canadian ag industry. We'll speak to farmers and companies embracing innovative approaches to improving profitability and resilience on the farm.

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