Events & Live Demonstrations

Ag in Motion offers a unique opportunity for farmers to get up close and personal with today’s agricultural technology. Through live field demonstrations of farm equipment and crop plot demonstrations, farmers can gather valuable, hands-on information to help them make informed decisions about their operation.

Field Equipment Demonstrations


The Tillage Demo at Ag in Motion 2015


Ag in Motion’s outdoor concept offers an an unparalleled opportunity for farmers to see the latest equipment in action, in the field, operating in the same environment it’s made for.

Over the three days of Ag in Motion, farmers will have the chance to see themed field demos, as well as live demonstrations that various exhibitors will hold on their exhibit space or in their own demonstration zone.



Here is what you missed in 2016. Stay tuned for the 2017 Field Demo lineup.

Barley Silage Demonstration Part 1 – 10:30 am in the Silage Demo Field
Forages are high value, high nutrition and now with new innovations, high tech. These new equipment demonstrations will showcase more than just one stage of the harvesting process. Eight acres of barley has been planted for the Barley Silage Demonstrations, and Part 1 will showcase harvesting equipment including mowers, cutters and mower conditioners.

Precision Air Seeding Demonstration – 12:30 pm Daily in the Demonstration Field
This side-by-side showcase of precision seeding equipment will give farmers the chance to compare air seeders from four manufacturers in real field conditions. In addition to witnessing the capabilities of each machine as it makes a pass down the field, farmers can also see the crops they produce. Prior to Ag in Motion, the manufacturers seeded a test strip, allowing for a comparison of seeding AND emergence.

Tillage Field Demonstration – 1:15 pm Daily in the Demonstration Field
Back by popular demand, the tillage equipment demonstrations allow farmers to see tillage equipment from 12 different manufacturers in action, side-by-side.

Barley Silage Demonstration Part 2 – 3:00 pm in the Silage Demo Field
Part 2 of the Barley Silage Demo will showcase balers and bale wrappers from a variety of manufacturers.

Experience More New Technology in the Individual Demonstration Zones

Nearly a dozen exhibitors are taking advantage of Ag in Motion’s individual demonstration zones in 2016, allowing farmers  to enable farmers to have a hands-on, interactive experience with their technology. Mostly concentrated along 6th Street, the east side of of Ag in Motion’s newly expanded trade show area.

Here are just a couple of the individual demonstrations farmers can participate in:
Kubota Canada
LandView Drones (formerly known as AgEagle Canada)
LEON’S Manufacturing Company
Michelin North America
Neeralta Manufacturing Inc.
New Leader
Nextgen Drainage
Sontanner Sales
Titan Tire
Toyota Canada Inc.
Western Mulch and Crushing Equipment

Most individual demonstration zones are active daily. A few companies will be hosting specific demonstration times:

Fertilizer Demonstration by New Leader – 3 pm daily, Manitoba Drive East 

Grain Bagging and Extracting Demo by Neeralta Manufacturing Inc. – 11 am and 3:30 pm daily, 6th Street
Storing grain properly and quickly not only ensures it stays of the highest quality but also ensures your time is spent wisely.  Learn the do’s and don’ts directly from the experts at Neeralta Manufacturing at their daily grain bagging and extracting demonstrations.

M7 Ride’n’Drive by Kubota Canada – Daily, Alberta Drive behind Kubota exhibit
No other farm show in Canada has offered a test track for farmers to get behind the wheel of Kubota’s heaviest, most powerful tractor, the new M7 series. Test drive this brand new high horse power utility tractor daily at Ag in Motion.


Crop Plot Demonstrations

Crop Plots

Ag in Motion offers farmers a unique opportunity to see live crop plots from a variety of seed and crop protection companies, all in one place.

To prepare the plots, exhibitors begin planting a variety of crops on-site in May and June to showcase their latest innovations and products. The crop plots, which are all 170 feet deep and range in frontage from 30 to 500 feet, are located around the perimeter and throughout the show site.

The live crop plot exhibits will showcase seed and inputs for a diversity of crops, including wheat, barley, oats, flax, hay mixtures, corn, soybeans and canola.

Here are a few of the crop plots and strip trials farmers could explore at Ag in Motion 2016:

Alliance Seed
ATP Nutrition
Bayer CropScience
Compass Minerals
Crop Production Services
Dow AgroSciences
Engage Agro
ESN Smart Nitrogen
Monsanto Canada
Stoller Enterprises
Union Forage
University of Saskatchewan
Farmers Edge
SK Pulse Growers
Canola 100



Livestock Programming and Demonstrations

Nestled between 1st Street and 3rd Street along Manitoba Drive, farmers can browse the new Livestock Central presented by BMO Financial Group. Livestock Central houses indoor and outdoor exhibitors specific to livestock producers. The indoor exhibits are located in the new 60′ x 60′ Livestock Pavilion, located on the west side of Livestock Central at the corner of 1st Street and Manitoba Drive.

Stay tuned for the 2017 programming and demonstration lineup. Check out what happened in 2016:

Cattle Handlincattle handling cofsrevg Demo – 11:00 am Daily in the Livestock Central pasture area, Manitoba Drive and 1st Street
Experts from multiple manufacturers will explain the features and benefits of their products, as live cattle are maneuvered through the different cattle handling systems.

Livestock Speaker Program – 2:00 pm in the Special Events Tent
Tom Snyders from Lely Forages will discuss forage management to achieve the goal of making quality feed and not just bales. Tom will cover important topics such as preparation and when to cut, height of cut, drying time, ash content, harvesting/baling, compaction of baleage and storage.

Livestock Speaker Program – 2:30 pm in the Special Events Tent
“Essential lipids for life – is your calf thriving or surviving?” presented by PMT. Titan Clean Energy Projects Corp. will follow with information on their new feed additive product, Mayan Gold.

Agri-Trend Knowledge Tent presented by RBC

Ag in Motion is a place to learn, and the speaker series in the Agri-Trend Knowledge Tent offers attendees the chance to relax and hear engaging speakers talking about relevant issues.

Click here to see the 2016 Knowledge Tent Schedule.