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Farmers Can Secure Assets With BeeSecure

BeeSecure is an award-winning  product developed by Rivercity Innovations Ltd. in conjunction with law enforcement and the Saskatchewan Government Ministry of Corrections and Policing that is designed to alert farmers if their assets are stolen and help get them back quickly.

BeeSecure uses tracking via GPS. These trackers work everywhere there is cellular coverage, can be placed in many different assets and are weatherproof (tested to -40 C). The trackers also show speed, direction, altitude and temperature. When an asset has been stolen, farmers can use the BeeSecure app, where law enforcement will be notified and safely recover it.

BeeSecure also uses the LoRa communications technology. LoRa (Long Range) is a patented digital wireless data communication technology that was designed for inexpensive long-range connectivity for devices in rural, remote, and offshore industries. While relatively new to Canada, it is being used in many parts of the world for agriculture, mining, energy, logistics and supply chain management.

At Ag in Motion, LoRa weather stations will be demonstrated in the Field of Excellence, and LoRa will be used to monitor UTVs, tractors and golf carts as they travel throughout the site. There will be a LoRa gateway installed at the site, offering data collection from many devices.

“Having LoRa on-site to track our equipment and golf carts adds to the security of the show,” says Ag in Motion Show Director, Rob O’Connor. “There’s value in knowing where our vehicles are, plus we will use the data to make future logistics plans.”

Farmers will be able to visit the BeeSecure booth and see on a screen where Ag in Motion equipment is travelling around the show site.

Check out the BeeSecure app and make sure to visit BeeSecure in the Scotiabank Farm Pavilion during the show to see the types of devices running on the Ag in Motion LoRa network.

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