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Faster Fencing with FenceFast

Fencing is a significant investment for farmers in both time and money, so any labour-saving innovations can greatly help improve the bottom line. FenceFast distributes products such as the EZG Manufacturing Stretch-N-Go Hog,  STOCKade Power Stapling, Gripple brace and connector products. Combined these products create a fence system that greatly reduces labour time while improving quality, consistency and safety.

The Stretch-N-Go Hog is a fork mounted unit that is driven along a fence line dispensing up to 4x 100m wire mesh rolls or 6 barb wire rolls at tension utilizing a pair of rubber coated braked tension rollers. A second person will follow with a STOCKade ST400i Cordless Fence Post stapler for fence wire securement. For quick consistent wire connecting, Gripple connectors and brace cable kits will be utilized for brace anchor tensioning.

See the system in action at Ag in MotionTM this year. The Fencing Demonstration will start with post driving followed by fence wire installation. Once the posts are pre-installed fence bracing will be completed using the Gripple Brace cable kit, wire will then be secured with Gripple T-Clips.  The EZG Stretch-N-Go Hog attached to a skid loader will be driven along the pre-installed post fence line, dispensing the wire at desired tension. The wire will be stapled behind by STOCKade ST400i Cordless fence staplers. This will be simultaneous and in real time to demonstrate how quick and easy fence wire can be installed with minimum effort or ability.

The Fencing Demonstration will take place daily at 9:30 a.m. in Livestock Central.

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