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Innovation in Action at Livestock Central

Find all things livestock at Ag in Motion in Livestock Central, presented by BMO. The outdoor setting and live demonstrations offer a unique opportunity to see the newest livestock technology in action. In Livestock Central, farmers will have the chance to watch demonstrations, listen to engaging speakers and visit exhibits showcasing products and services dedicated to the livestock industry all in one place. Dairy and beef producers have the opportunity to attend on days that are specialized for their vocation. Dairy Day is Tuesday, July 17, with the day starting off with the VIP Dairy Producer Brunch. The second day of the show, Wednesday, July 18, is Beef Day.

To connect with producers and stay up to date on the latest livestock innovations to best serve their clients, BMO has supported Ag in Motion’s Livestock Central since its inception. “BMO is fiercely local; we live, work and make decisions in the communities we serve,” says Marcia Lemon, Vice-President Business Banking, BMO Bank of Montreal. “Participating in Ag in Motion helps us support and stay connected to our clients while broadening our knowledge of the industry through the various demonstrations and information sessions.”

Stop by the BMO exhibit in the Livestock Pavilion on Manitoba Drive to see what solutions exist for your farm. Livestock Central is located in the Southeast corner of the Ag in Motion site.


Demo Summaries

VIP Beef Producer Brunch

The inaugural VIP Beef Producer Brunch will launch at Ag in Motion this year, giving beef producers the opportunity to enjoy a healthy breakfast and network with friends and colleagues before they start their day at the show.
Passes for this event will be distributed though the two sponsors to date, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers and members of the Saskatchewan Hereford Association, as well as by Ag in Motion. This is a must-attend networking event beef producers won’t want to miss! The Beef Brunch will be taking place on Beef Day, Wednesday July 18th from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. in the Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Event Tent. The event is directly adjacent to Livestock Central, where the livestock demos and exhibits are located.


TMR Demo

The TM R Demo at Ag in Motion will give farmers an in person look at different pull TMR mixers in action. The KEENAN Mechfiber series 6-paddle horizontal mixer from Alltech, the CFR 1251 from Highline Manufacturing and a TM R mixer from NDE Co. will be showcased daily, alongside equipment from Penta and Jaylor. At each demonstration the mixers will be working with the same inputs to create different rations. The mixers will be loaded with the ingredients and given a set amount of time to mix, and then all of the rations will be laid down for a side-byside comparison. On Tuesday, rations will be tailored to the needs of a dairy animal, Wednesday and Thursday rations specific to beef cattle. This demonstration will take place at 10:00 a.m. Daily in the Southwest Demo Field.


Forage Demo- Cut, Rake, Bale, Wrap, Pickup

The Forage Demonstration at Ag in Motion will give producers the opportunity to view new technology for cutting, baling and wrapping quality forage for their livestock. Equipment from Poettinger and Kubota will be utilized to display new technology and techniques. Poettinger machines will mow the forage crop, tedder and rake it, and then run it through their self-loading silage wagon. Using Kubota equipment, hay will be cut with the DMC8540T 13’1″ wide Center Pivot mower conditioner. Then, hay will be raked using the RA2584 Twin Rotor Center delivery rake with a 24’11” to 27’7″ working width and baled into large 5×6 rounds using the new variable rate chamber baler — the new BV4580 Net and Twine 5×6 large round baler. Experts will be on-site from both companies to explain the processes and
answer questions. The Forage Demo will take place at 10:30 a.m. daily.


Cattle Handling Facility Demo

The Cattle Handling Facility Demo will showcase the newest technology in equipment for producers to move their animals easier, safer and more efficiently. Stampede Steel Inc., Morand Industries, Tuff Livestock Equipment, Paysen Livestock Equipment, and Hi-Hog Farm and Ranch Equipment Ltd. will each demonstrate the use of their cattle handling equipment. Attendees will see different handling systems in action as each company showcases how their chutes can improve handling on an operation. This side by side demonstration will help to educate livestock producers by using a real-world situation to display cattle handling technology. The Cattle Handling Demonstration will take place at 11:00 a.m. daily in Livestock Central.


Fencing Demo

The Fencing Demonstration at Ag in Motion will display how to create a fence system that greatly reduces labour time while improving
quality, consistency and safety. The EZG Manufacturing Stretch-N-Go Hog, STO CKade Power Stapling, Gripple brace and connector products, sold by FenceFast and the Wheatheart Renegade post pounder from AGI will be used in the real-life demonstration. The demonstration will start with post driving followed by fence wire installation. Posts will be pounded using AGI ’s Wheatheart Renegade to display it’s 660 lbs. of hammer pressure. Once the posts are installed fence bracing will be completed using the Gripple Brace cable kit and wire will then be secured with Gripple T-Clips. The EZG Stretch- N-Go Hog attached to a skid loader will be driven along the pre-installed post fence line, dispensing the wire at desired tension. The wire will be stapled behind by STO CKade ST400i Cordless fence staplers. Farmers will have the opportunity to see how quick and easy a fence can be installed by using these products from FenceFast. The Fencing Demonstration will take place daily at 9:30 a.m. in Livestock Central.


Livestock and Forage Speaker Series

The Livestock and Forage Speaker Series at Ag in Motion, presented in partnership with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture offers an assortment of speakers that will help farmers to gather information on a variety of livestock issues and topics. Topics highlighted will cover a broad range, including silage economics, cover crops for livestock as well as opportunities in sheep. Speakers from all different backgrounds will be featured such as farmers and ranchers, University Departments, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, company representatives and field specialists. Farmers will have an opportunity to choose what topics pertain to their operations and learn from experts on these topics. Plan to visit the Livestock Pavilion Speaker Stage to listen and learn from these fantastic speakers.

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