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Limousin Cattle Featured in Cattle Handling Demos

Ag in MotionTM  showcases the leading edge in western Canadian agriculture by featuring new technology and new ideas for farmers to incorporate on their own operation. But that doesn’t just mean the newest in equipment – it also means different genetics.

In 2017 and returning for 2018, all cattle handling demonstrations will feature Limousin cattle courtesy of Andrew Ranches in Youngstown, Alberta.

“Ag in Motion, by its “hands on” design, attracts farmers who are looking for not only leading-edge technology but innovation that delivers in the field,” says Tim Andrew, Andrew Ranches. “It’s a perfect venue to showcase our breed and offer a profitable alternative that offers docility, calving ease and still delivers the high yielding carcass the industry rewards with top returns.”

This year at Ag in Motion, Andrew Ranches’ yearling bulls will be the live models for the cattle handling demonstrations – showing off each company’s handling equipment as well as the cattle’s temperament.

Last year, international cattle handling expert Curt Pate commented on the breed’s docility and ease of handling, adding that industry can leverage the exceptional genetics this breed is known for towards profitability.

This is an exciting opportunity to present Limousin cattle in front of one of the most progressive agriculture audiences in the nation,” says Andrew.

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