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Live WeatherFarm Demo on Display

Weather for Ag in Motion ™ is powered by the WeatherFarm network with two permanent stations located at the site. The WeatherFarm stations provide all the data needed for the crop plots and exhibition site. The WeatherFarm network provides real-time weather, forecasts and historical data for managing the crop plots.

The WeatherFarm team has been busy over the past year developing an app to bring on-farm weather right to your smart phone. The new application was designed specifically for your on-farm weather information needs. Improved weather alerts, crop tools, forecasts and radar are contained in a simple easy to use package. The application has been designed to provide flexibility and customization to fit your farm’s needs. Come see the new app at the Weather- Farm booth in the Scotiabank Farm Pavilion Booth #43. See the app in action and talk to us about how having your own weather station can benefit your operation.

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