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New Forage Equipment on Display

Poettinger to Showcase Loader Wagons, Mowers

This year at Ag in MotionTM, visitors will have the opportunity to see new equipment from Poettinger and learn what is available to make quality feed and forages for their livestock.

Poettinger will feature their front and rear Novacat front mowers as well as their self-loading loader wagons for green feed and barley silage.

Poettinger’s self-loading silage wagon gives the operator control over the silage moisture and also decreases the labour needed to pack it into the bunk.

The front and rear Novacat Mowers will also be featured. Both front and rear mowers come with different benefits; a front mower coupled with either one or two rear mowers allow the operator to mow more acres per hour and produce a more consistent swath with a quicker drying time.

“The benefit of mowing with 3 – 11.5′ cutter bars, for example, will mean less material in the swath compared to a 16′ cut,” says Paul Latam, Territory Sales Manager. “Dry down time is significantly increased and the forage isn’t left out in the weather as long, maintaining forage quality.”

Poettinger will also showcase their rakes and tedders.  “Using a tedder to spread the forage crop out evenly allows the crop to dry more consistently”, says Latam, “and using rotary rakes to pick the hay back up into a swath drastically reduces the amount of ash in the windrow. “

During the daily demonstration at Ag in Motion, Poettinger machines will mow the forage crop, tedder and rake it, and then run it through their self-loading silage wagon. Experts will be on-site to explain the process and answer questions.


 Kubota Showcasing Equipment from Cutting to Baling

Nutrition is paramount in optimizing productivity – and a big component of any feeding program is a quality forage. Therefore, it’s important to preserve quality from the time any forage is cut to when it’s fed.

This year at Ag in Motion, Kubota will be showing exhibitors its complete product lineup for forages from cutting to baling daily in Livestock Central.

The demonstration will feature equipment for every stage of the process. First, hay will be cut with the DMC8540T 13’1″ wide Center Pivot mower conditioner. Then, hay will be raked using the RA2584 Twin Rotor Center delivery rake with a 24’11” to 27’7″ working width and baled into large 5×6 rounds using the new variable rate chamber baler – the new BV4580 Net and Twine 5 X 6 large round baler.

The BV4580 variable rate chamber baler is the latest edition to the BV4500 lineup. Not only is it the biggest baler from Kubota, it also offers flexibility in baling to meet all of your needs.

The BV4580 has the ability to net or tine wrap, giving the operator even more flexibility on how they want their crop baled.  The variable density chamber offers three different easily adjustable densities enabling the baler to be quickly customized to the crop being baled from hay to high moisture hay to straw to even corn stalks.

“Ag in Motion is the only place to see the entire forage process in action – we’re excited for farmers to see equipment for every stage, from cutting, to raking, to baling,” says Travis Grubb, Kubota Canada.

See the all new Kubota BV4580 and other Kubota forage making solutions in action at the Forage Demonstration during Ag in Motion.


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