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New Line Up From Versatile

Three new products from Versatile will make an appearance at the show this year. The Versatile Fury High-Speed Compact Disc is available in widths from 25′ to 40′, designed for high speed tillage at field speeds of 10 m.p.h. The new Versatile RT520 combine features
several new features including a significantly larger and quieter cab — 30 per cent larger with new, modern design. The new RT520 uses the rotating concave rotary system which has proven to be one of the most efficient rotary designs on the market.
In 1993, the first front-wheel assist tractor was assembled at the Versatile factory. This
tractor was distributed around the globe and has been a segment leader. In those 25 years, Versatile has evolved the platform — the modern front-wheel assist tractor still features capabilities most requested by farmers. To commemorate 25 years of front wheel assist production, Versatile has produced a black Versatile 365.

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