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PAMI-WESTEST mobile sensor to monitor spoilage in grain bins set to demo at Ag In Motion

Immediate Release | July 6, 2018

HUMBOLDT, SK- PAMI and WESTEST are in the initial phase of developing a mobile sensor that can wirelessly transmit real-time data from the grain bin to a mobile phone. The sensor, small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, will be able to measure relative humidity, temperature and air motion and calculate moisture content throughout the bin to provide farmers with a unique solution for monitoring spoilage. Its small size and shape will allow the sensor to be fed into bins through grain conveying equipment to monitor grain health and measure temperature at a large number of random locations within the bin.

The project, entitled “Mobile Sensor Mote” was launched as an exploratory undertaking in 2018. The objective of the project is to explore the use of big data and sensor technology in the agriculture industry in order to simplify farming processes and help farmers better manage their stored grains. “Grain monitoring is so important, that the more tech there is available to producers, the better it is for all involved,” said Dr. Joy Agnew, Research Scientist on the project. An interface will be produced to integrate the sensor with a mobile phone and will display the data in real-time to the operator – allowing farmers to monitor their grain remotely and store data over long periods.

An early stage sensor will be formally demonstrated at Ag In Motion on July 19th, allowing visitors to use their phones and read the real time data from various grain samples.

Dr. Joy Agnew, PAMI/WESTEST W: (306) 682-5033 ext. 280 | Email: [email protected]
David Yee, PAMI/WESTEST W: (306) 682-5033 ext. 262 | Email: [email protected]


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