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Planting the Seeds of a Reduced-Waste Future

Ag in Motion™ and Cleanfarms have partnered to plant the seeds of a reduced waste future where the event strives to produce the least amount of waste possible. Following global practices to reduce overall waste generation, this initiative will be achieved through enhanced recycling and composting, with the help of Ag in Motion attendees.

This year, Cleanfarms is helping ensure recyclable beverage bottles and cans are collected for recycling. But it starts with visitors putting recyclables where they belong – in recycling bins, not garbage bins.

And, for the first time, visitors are asked to take leftover food to the Rotary tent where volunteers will be standing by to sort the food waste for large-scale composting.

Together, these combined programs will help Ag in Motion™ and Cleanfarms contribute to overall goals of a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

Cleanfarms is well known throughout the Canadian agricultural community as the non-profit stewardship organization that collects and recycles empty agricultural pesticide and fertilizer containers. It also operates programs in various provinces that collect large seed, pesticide and fertilizer containers and bags, as well as plastic grain bags and silage wrap for recycling or safe disposal. Cleanfarms is funded by the Canadian crop protection, fertilizer, seed and agricultural plastics industries.

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