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Profiting Through Incremental Gains 

What’s on your mind as you start the 2021 growing season? We’ll share ideas on maximizing profitability through small changes, planting equipment tips and news, plus what’s on the horizon as another season gets underway. 

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Get Ready for Seeding with Bayer and Climate FieldView™ 
SeedGrowth® specialist Gustavo Barahona talks to industry pros for tips on mixing your seed treatment, treating your seed and best practices for storage. Plus, Andrew Elgersma and Troy Prosofsky from Climate Fieldview™ give helpful tips and step-by-step instructions for setting up your virtual farm and help you get the most value out of your data this season. 

Seeds for the Prairies 
SeedNet has a diverse lineup of exclusive seed varieties, including cereals, pulses, special crops and hybrid fall rye. In this session, five current seed varieties will be discussed, along with two available varieties this fall. One of the SeedNet members, Greg Stamp, will present the agronomic traits and what to expect when growing the related variety. 

Succeeding with Granular Herbicides 
With the rise in herbicide resistance, proven chemistry like Edge, Avadex and Fortress are starting to make a comeback in weed management strategies.  This session will provide information on gauging field conditions prior to application, best management practices on how to apply these products, as well as touch on when liquid formulations are able to be used instead of a granular product. 

A Conversation with MarketsFarm Experts 
Want the latest market outlook to inform your buying and selling decisions? Join experts from MarketsFarm to hear what you need to know. 

How to Use My In-Field IoT Devices and Solutions for Wheat Seeding and Planting Operations 
Learn how to use in-field IoT devices and solutions to improve wheat seeding and emergence for successful crop establishment with METOS Canada. 

Speakers presented by Ag in Motion

Scott Garvey
Machinery Writer

Presentation: The Next Generation of Autonomous Ag

Overview: Machinery writer Scott Garvey will be looking at the latest in autonomy developments in the agricultural sector. He'll be speaking to John Deere's program delivery manager for autonomy about the future of self-driving ag equipment. He'll also have a discussion with a representative from AGCO about the Fendt Xaver swarm robotics technology that may soon be commercially available. And he'll take a look at what self-driving developments have been made in other off- and on-road industry segments.

Profile: Scott Garvey, the former machinery editor for Grainews, is now a freelance writer and video producer, with almost two decades of experience writing about developments in the farm machinery and autonomous sectors. 

Nathan Gregg

Presentation: A Penny-Pincher's Guide to Seeding Efficiency

Overview: Nathan will draw on his experience as a farmer and former researcher with the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute to offer some practical tips that will put more dollars in farmers' hands. Incremental improvements in equipment performance, operational practices, fertility management and agronomy can all add up to more revenue for less cost. 

Profile: Nathan farms with his wife and mother near Paynton, SK. Prior to farming full-time, he spent nearly 17 years at the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) in Humboldt, SK. During his career there, he managed and completed many Research & Development projects, ranging from small-scale replicated testing to large-scale prototype development, and numerous agronomic and fertility field trials. Nathan has travelled internationally conducting machinery evaluations for several major equipment manufacturers, which offered opportunities to experience agriculture practices and perspectives in the US, Europe and Australia.

Nathan is a graduate from the College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan, and is currently the President of the Herb, Spice and Specialty Agriculture (HSSA) association of Saskatchewan. Nathan and his wife have two young children that provide an endless source of energy and stories from ‘the farm’ to regale their teachers and day-care providers with!

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Keeping Blackleg at Bay 
Blackleg is one of canola’s most persistent yield robbers still lurking in Prairie fields. How do you avoid giving this pervasive pathogen an easy path to your profits? Under the right conditions, it’s capable of pouncing on your crop before you even know it’s there. There is growing evidence to suggest that the cracks in genetic resistance are widening, leaving producers increasingly vulnerable to yield losses. 

Managing Fertility to Maximize Hybrid Corn Potential 
Join Dr. Don Flaten for a discussion on optimum nitrogen fertilizer management strategies for modern corn hybrids in Manitoba. Don will discuss the results of a recent corn fertilization project that addressed 4R Nutrient Stewardship for nitrogen fertilization of modern corn hybrids in Manitoba: applying the right rate, at the right source, in the right place, and at the right time. 

Dry Bean Agronomy Update 
Tune in to hear from Kristen MacMillan, research agronomist-in-residence at the University of Manitoba, on the latest results and insights on these dry bean production practices.  

The Complex Take Behind Root Rot in Peas 
Dr. Syama Chatterton, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Plant Pathologist, will provide on update on her current research on pea root rot. The presentation will highlight the major pathogens involved, the key aspects of their life cycles that contribute to disease, and lessons learned from field trials aimed at evaluating management options for pea root rot. 

Putting Soybeans to Work on Your Farm 
Join Kristen MacMillan, M.Sc., P.Ag., CCA, for this update on soybean agronomy and the latest results from the soybean and pulse agronomy research program at the University of Manitoba. Topics will include optimum soybean seeding dates and seed depth, the impact of iron deficiency chlorosis on yield and the relative importance of environment and management practices on soybean yield and quality. 

A New Engine for Prairie Wheat Research 
Lauren Comin discusses strength in numbers: how the CWRC gives producers a say in research. The session will cover the genesis of the multi-million dollar “core breeding agreements”, which ensure the stable delivery of superior genetics to the farm, including how decisions are made and how funding is allocated.