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Putting Tillage to the Test

Major field demo showcases high-speed equipment to compliment reduced tillage operations.

High-speed tillage equipment is an excellent match for reduced tillage operations. By nature, high speed tillage equipment has less of an impact on fields than moldboard ploughs. They travel faster and can maintain an even depth and consistency across the field, allowing more acres to be prepared in a shorter time frame; critical for spring planting.

In order to best showcase the speed at which equipment can perform, the demonstration will take place while moving towards the audience — allowing farmers to see both the rate of movement and the efficiency of tillage. It’s important that quality isn’t compromised for speed, so farmers will be able to examine the resulting field after tillage as well.

Equipment from Bednar, Versatile, Lemken, Poettinger, Schulte, Flaman, Unverferth and Morris Industries will take part in this popular demonstration. Equipment will be tilling into wheat stubble daily during Ag in Motion at 11:00 a.m. in the Demo Field.

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