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Showcasing New Agriculture Innovations

Innovation in agriculture is essential to the future of the industry as farmers strive to feed the world. That’s why Ag in Motion™ and the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA) have partnered to shine a light on innovative agriculture technologies through the 2018 Ag in Motion™ Innovations Program.

“Dryland Farming techniques in Western Canada have advanced faster than anywhere else in the world. This is due to the ingenuity and expertise of those people and companies that choose to do business in this region, whether they are from this country or another,” said Rob O’Connor, Show Director of Ag in Motion. “With a mutual desire to showcase this innovation Ag in Motion and SREDA have agreed to work together on the Ag in Motion Innovations Program and the Agriculture Technology Harvest Program. These programs will highlight those products new to the market or still in concept stage that are likely to have a positive influence on the agriculture industry. I, along with our entire team, am excited and proud to be the venue for these programs.”

In addition to the 2018 Ag in Motion Innovations Program, SREDA will be hosting four international agriculture technology companies as part of its second annual Agriculture Technology Harvest Program (HARVEST). HARVEST is a global competition  providing the opportunity for companies to travel to Saskatoon, bringing with them their agriculture advancements and innovations from all corners of the globe to be shared with the Saskatchewan agriculture community. “Saskatchewan is known for its strong agriculture roots so it is not surprising we received applicants from all over the world wanting be a part of our 2018 HARVEST program,” said Alex Fallon, President and CEO of SREDA. “This interest from global technology companies speaks volumes about Saskatchewan’s agriculture sector and Saskatoon as a hub for ag-technology and innovation.” Participants of the 2018 Ag in Motion Innovations Program and SREDA’s HARVEST program will be on display in the FCC Ag Pavilion. A listing of the participants will be available in the Guidebook and Site Map that will be given out at the gates at Ag in Motion. Come meet these companies and learn more about their exciting innovations.

Through the Ag in Motion Innovations Program, four awards will be presented to pioneering technologies that have the potential to positively impact and advance the agriculture industry:

Plant and Soil Science: Awarded to the company that has developed a technology that improves crop production including innovation in genetics, pesticide application (non-mechanical), and the process of producing a crop.
Animal and Livestock: Awarded to the company that has a technology that assists in the health and well-being of livestock animals.
Agriculture Equipment: Awarded to the company that has developed a new equipment concept or technology that assists farmers and agriculture professionals with farming application.
Agribusiness Services: Awarded to the company that has developed a new technology that assists farmers and agriculture professionals with the management of their farm business and clients.

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