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Sponsor Shout Out: Co-op (Federated Co-operatives Limited)

Just as Co-op is a trusted source for fueling farms across Western Canada, they have also become a trusted partner to help fuel Ag in Motion’s fleet of machinery since year one as the Official Fuel Supplier.

It takes an abundant amount of premium fuel to run a show like Ag in Motion, and with little time for delays. Co-op lives up to their strong reputation of reliability and keeps the Ag in Motion team on the move.

Even before the show is open to the public, Co-op fuel is powering telehandlers, trucks and tractors on-site to help for an easy show set-up. Over the three days of Ag in Motion, Co-op fuel is used to run eight Meridian People Movers to transport exhibitors and attendees around the many acres of the show site and to parking lots. Not to mention getting the Ag in Motion staff and volunteers where they need to be by providing fuel for the agile Kubota UTVs.

Co-op is ready to become the fuel supplier for all farmers and ranchers at Ag in Motion with a commitment to offering high quality fuels and services. For more information about fueling up with CO-OP® Premium Diesel on your farm, find their experts during the show at their exhibit on the corner of Saskatchewan Drive and 4th Street.

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