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Sprayer Ride & Drive Helps Farmers with Decision Making

When deciding on which sprayer to purchase, farmers have a number of different things to consider—how the machine drives, where the controls are, how easy it is to rinse, how nozzles are changed, where the boom sits. The list is endless. Farmers also have to consider size and width in order to accommodate different sizes of fields and roads according to their farming needs. At Ag in Motionä, the decision-making process is made easier with the Sprayer Ride & Drive.

The Sprayer Ride & Drive is an opportunity for farmers to test drive sprayers to experience first-hand the differences between manufacturers and machines, and to make decisions based on what fits best. Drivers will have 1,500 feet to accelerate in order to evaluate how fast the sprayer can travel and the machine’s handling capabilities before turning around. The Sprayer Ride & Drive gives farmers a chance to experience these machines in a real-world setting.

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