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The Teaching Parlour – A Look at Milking Cows

Visitors to Ag in Motion this year will have a chance to experience dairy production without visiting a farm thanks to a portable milking parlour being displayed by ProFarm Livestock Solutions.

The parlour is designed to demonstrate how milk is produced across Canada and to give producers the chance to learn more about their milking systems and best practices. Erin Dancey, who does parlour evaluations for ProFarm hopes this will be an opportunity to help promote the dairy industry and provide a teaching ground for anyone who is interested in learning. Veterinarians, milking equipment dealers and nutritionists will also be able to see how the hands-on milking system in the parlour functions, as well as its troubleshooting techniques.

“We’re excited to have ProFarm show the portable milking parlour on site as part of our programming focused on the dairy industry,” says Tiffany Peters, Ag in Motion Livestock Coordinator. “It will be of benefit to dairy farmers but we know farmers from other sectors of the ag industry will be interested in seeing how their milk is produced.”

Joining the ProFarm booth is Dr. Roger Thomson, the man behind the teaching parlour. He is a dairy veterinarian and founder of MQ-IQ, a milk quality consulting firm based in Minnesota. Dr. Thomson sits on various committees with the National Mastitis Council and has practiced dairy veterinary medicine for more than 33 years and is an advocate for animal health and comfort as well as for milk as a high-quality protein source in the human diet.

ProFarm portable milking parlour demonstrations will be held at 11:00 a.m. in the Livestock Pavilion in BMO Livestock Central.

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