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Weather Risk in Production Agriculture

Presented by Nutrien Ag Solutions

Eric Snodgrass, Principal Meteorologist at Nutrien Ag Solutions

Weather risk in production agriculture is ubiquitous. Each year, the fate of our agricultural productivity lies in the hands of a turbulent, chaotic and everchanging atmosphere. We strive for stability, growth and sustainability in our farming operations but ultimately, the weather determines the outcome of our efforts.

This presentation will address the meteorology that drives big yielding years as well as years with droughts and floods. Eric Snodgrass, Principal Meteorologist at Nutrien Ag Solutions, will look long term at the major climate trends across North America and analyze the forecasts for the rest of the summer as well as the upcoming harvest.

Can you weatherproof your agricultural practices? Can you strategize and optimize your time based on weather information? How can you consume weather information to make timely and informed decisions? What are the best resources? How reliable are forecasts?

Discover the answers during this informative session at Ag in Motion.

Daily at 1:30 p.m. in the Nutrien Ag Solutions building (booth #152) at the corner of 1st Street and Alberta Drive.  

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