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Every year there are a multitude of meetings, demo days, tradeshows and expos and farmers must choose which events warrant a visit. Time is valuable, and it’s important to make the most out of any trip off the farm. Outdoor expos are the most efficient way to do that.

Seven Unique Features of Outdoor Expos

OUTDOOR VENUE. This might be obvious, but one of the main advantages to attending an outdoor farm expo is the outdoor venue. The outdoors allow for many advantages that wouldn’t normally be afforded at an indoor show — such as crop plots, live field demonstrations, and hands-on exhibits. The best way to see new technology is to see it perform where it’s supposed to be used; in the field and on the farm. Not only that — the outdoors means even more space to showcase the latest tech and innovation — no limit on space!

REAL-WORLD SOLUTIONS FOR REAL-WORLD PROBLEMS. Watch equipment perform in real-world applications. Find the best match for your fields with live demonstrations with commentary from experts. See equipment how it’s meant to be seen — working on the farm or in the field — and make buying decisions with even more certainty. See and experience technology. Attendees can see and touch new tech at demonstrations and at exhibitor booths, and often see it in action! Outdoor shows allow more flexibility for exhibitors to truly demonstrate their products’ capabilities — they’re not limited by an indoor space, so attendees can truly see how new products and innovations can perform.

HANDS-ON LEARNING. Not in the market to purchase right now? No problem. Outdoor exhibits and demonstrations are extremely flexible and provide great learning opportunities. Bigger demonstrations attract top industry experts that are available to answer questions and make recommendations.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Not only can attendees see equipment being used in the field, they also have the ability to test equipment to ensure it’s a great fit. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you wouldn’t just view different models on the showroom floor, would you? Of course not! Ride and drives at outdoor shows make it easy to get a true feel for equipment and compare different models all in one place. Attendees can test equipment doing real on-farm jobs to make sure the machine is tailored to their needs.

CROP PLOTS. See, feel and compare actual crops from seed and crop protection companies. Not only is it a great visual, it’s an easy way to see how different varieties and crop protection materials perform. Real crop plots are unique to outdoor shows and are a fantastic hands-on feature that puts some substance to choosing a variety and crop protection solution to fit your fields. Sales reps are present to discuss opportunities and solutions with attendees. See a wide range of varieties and chemicals and how they’ve performed for yourself — all in one convenient location.

NETWORKING. Get social with other attendees to share ideas, discuss events and issues, and form a great network of likeminded farmers. Outdoor shows allow for a wide range of events to take place through many different companies — often holding unique experiences that take advantage of the setting. Outdoor shows are usually host to a lot of innovative farmers who want to learn about the latest innovations and is a great place to reconnect with old acquaintances and form new relationships. Having a solid network is an excellent support system for all farmers to have, so take advantage of industry events and grow yours!

Outdoor shows offer a farm expo experience like no other, not to mention that they complement the lifestyle that farmers have chosen. See and touch the latest technology and innovation at Ag in Motion™, and get empowered to make decisions with the right information. Don’t miss Ag in Motion, Western Canada’s biggest outdoor farm expo, held July 18-20, 2017 in Langham, Sask. For more information, visit www.aginmotion.ca.



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